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Small Brake Shoe Manufacturing ProcessShoe Completion Process

Shoe Completion Process

Product Specifications
Capacity Welding ~ R-calibration Max 240Pcs / Hr, cleaning & coating Max 450Pcs/Hr
Type of vehicle applied R 78~140mm, W 22~70mm
Control PLC(Mitsubishi / LS)
Process Welding → R-calibration → ultrasonic cleaning → steam cleaning → coating → natural drying → Discharging
Equipment Components 1 welder, 1 R-calibrator, 1 preprocessor (cleaning & coating)

As Shoe completion process, it is consisted of welding, R-calibration, cleaning & coating process facilities. This machine is designed to weld SHOE WEB with RIM and realign the required dimensions in R-Calibrator. The processes of cleaning and coating are available to prevent from corrosion by this machine.

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