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Pad ProcessForming

Direct Input Semi-Auto press

Product Specifications
Capacity Max 220 Pcs / Hr
Press Capacity 180 ton / 4 Cavity x 6 Press.
Power Capacity 124Kw
Process Friction Materials Weighing (2 types) → Gantry(friction material supply + Leveling + Tamping) → B/PLATE loading (Manual) → Forming (6P)
Characteristic Possible to carry out various products (Max 6 models), eqaul pressure per cavity (Balance Cyilnder)

This equipment is designed for dvelopment proto-shop and consisted of 6 forming press as one cell. one worker is enough to operate the machine, due to the seperation of process such as automatic parts and semi-automatic parts. It is possible to manage various condition and implement small quantitiy batch production (Max. 6 models, But Same friction material should be used)

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