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Pad ProcessMixing

Weighing&Mixing Equipment

Product Specifications
Capacity 8 Batch / HR
Specification Container : 500 Liter ( 85 kg ) , weighing 40 items ( 200~500 Liter ) , 2nd weighing 2 Item , mixer 500 Liter, Rack 24 Pieces
Process Automatic weighing (ST. # 1 ~ # 10) → Small weighing (Manual) → 2nd automatic weighing → Mixer (# 1 ~ # 3) → Stacker Crane → Rack → Automatic supply into forming line → Cleaning containers autoamtical
Characteristic Reversal mixer, QR-Code & PC System operation, Full automatic
Chopper Max 3600RPM(Inverter Adjustment)

This equipment is designed to implement the process of weighing and mixing to produce brake pad. The container for the use of mixing is provided automatically. According to work orders registed in PC , raw friction material is put into the container and it is weighed automatically. The stacker crane put the container in rack aumatically, and can provide the container to press as order. The whold process is automated, and can be operated by one worker using QR-code and PC system.

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