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Pad ProcessCompletion

Multiple Grinding machine(Shuttle Type)

Product Specifications
Capacity 300 Pcs/Hr
Specification Grooving 5~7.5KW, Chamfer 5~7.5KW, Grinding 7.5~11KW
Type of Vehicle Applied Min 80(L)x40(W) ~ Max 200(L)x70(W)
Control PLC(Mitsubishi / LS)
Process pad supply → auto positioning → chamfer(LH) → chamfer(RH) → grooving → 1st grinding → 2nd grinding → thickness test → unloading
Characteristic Grinding the painted pad, diagonal grooving, radial chamfer, J-cut

This equipment is the Pad completion Line process during the production process of Brake Pad. It is a device that automatically performs Chamfer(straight/radial), Grooving(straight/diagonal), 1st and 2nd Grinding work using shuttle table jig. Simple operation is enough to replace the mould and can grind the pad finished painting.

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