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Pad ProcessCompletion

Multiple Grinding machine(Index Type)

Product Specifications
Capacity 600 Pcs/Hr
Specification Grooving 5~7.5KW, Chamfer 5~7.5KW, Grinding 7.5~11KW
Type of Vehicle Applied Min 80(L)x40(W) ~ Max 200(L)x70(W)
Control PLC(Mitsubishi / LS)
Process pad supply → auto positioning → supply pad to index table → 1st grooving → 2nd grooving → 1st chamfer → 2nd chamfer → grinding → thickness test → unloading
Characteristic diagonal grooving, radial chamfer, J-Cut, automatic changing of chamfer tool angle

This equipment is the Pad completion Line process during the production process of Brake Pad. It is a device that automatically performs Grooving, Chamfer, Grinding work using index table for painting finished product. Simple operation is enough to replace the mould and is suitable for mass production.

Product Image