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Global management toward the 21st century

2011 ~ present

Sangsin ENG not only produces manufacturing facilities, but it also manufactures expensive testing equipment on its own, thus increasing the overall price competitiveness as well as establishing a global management base for exporting to overseas countries.

  • 2022

    Flow Curing Oven Developed

  • 2021

    Automatic Flow Line (Multiple Application) Developed

  • 2020

    Developed the Direct input robot forming machine development

  • 2018

    30 Million Dollar Export Tower Award on Trade Day

  • 2016

    Developed small quantities of multiple forming line

  • 2015

    Developed the TBK automated weighing and mixing line

    Developed SE-D20A dynamometer(FULL TYPE)

    Developed SE-model tester(1/5 scale)–tester

  • 2014

    100 Million Dollar Export Tower Award on Trade Day

  • 2013

    Developed the compact combination 300-ton press machine

    Developed the automated small shoe adhesive line

  • 2012

    Exported the temporary linear pre-forming machine to JB, Japan

    Moved to a new plant

    Developed the multi grinding machine

  • 2011

    500 Million Dollar Export Tower Award on Trade Day

    Developed the rotary-type measuring and temporary pre-forming equipment

Successful and mutually beneficial M&A

2001 ~ 2010

We have successfully exported our excellent machine equipment to Iran. Having merged with Sangsin Brake group as an affiliate, Cheongwoo ENG has changed its name to Sangsin ENG.

  • 2010

    Developed the temporary linear pre-forming with 4 molds × 6P and
    developed the direct input forming machine with 4-mold × 6P top/bottom layers

  • 2009

    Developed the pad completion accessory assembly line

  • 2008

    Developed NAO 4-mold high-pressure / low-pressure automated forming machine

  • 2007

    Opened the machinery sales division in China

  • 2006

    Developed the automated modular line

    Established Sangsin ENG Co., Ltd.

  • 2005

    Developed the automated forming machine

  • 2003

    Developed the automated large shoe riveting machine

  • 2000

    Developed the automated shuttle measuring machine

Beginning of the Cheongwoo Machinery

1991 ~ 2000

Based on its experience of producing brake equipment at the Nowondong plant of Sangsin Brake, Cheongwoo Machinery was established in 1991, and has since grown to develop automotive brake and machine equipment.

  • 1997

    Changed the name to Cheongwoo ENG

  • 1995

    Developed the automated large shoe lining line

  • 1994

    Developed the automated shoe assembly line

  • 1993

    Developed the automated sheet lining line

  • 1991

    Established Cheongwoo Machinery