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Pad ProcessForming

Forming press (Proto type)

Product Specifications
Use Linear Automatic Forming Machine for the use of Development-proto shop.
Press Capacity Linear Forming (Large size ) 200Ton/4cavities x 1Press, Linear Forming (General ) 120Ton/4cavities x 1Press
Type of Vehicle Applied Large size : Min 150(L)x50(W) ~ Max 210(L)x115(W), General size : Min 80(L)x40(W) ~ Max 160(L)x70(W)
Power Capacity 50Kw
Process pre-Fromed Products input ( Manual ) → Heat Forming → Discharge formed product (Manual)
Characteristic Worker safety device, manufacturing facility eaqual system

This equipment have same operation system with normal linear preforming press, it designed to product sample test pads. It consist of two liniear press.(for large pads and for normal pads)

Product Image

Product Video