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Pad ProcessForming

Rotary Pre-forming machine&300ton Press

Product Specifications
Capacity Max 300Pcs/Hr
Press Capacity Pre-forming 70Ton/2cavities , Forming 300 or 400Ton/(12cavities x 2stage ) x 2Press
Power Capacity 120Kw
Process Friction materials weighing (2 tpyes) → pre-forming → Weight selection → forming (2P)
Characteristic weight lightening of Mold and replacement convenience, mold & Heat plate Shuttle

This equipment is consisted of Rotay tpye of pre-forming device and two press(upper/lwer two-stage molds(12 cavities/1 stage)). It leads to weight lightening and increasing convenience of replacing molds. the size of the machine is compact. because of not only reducing cost of equipment and mold, but also increasing productiom quantity, the manufacturing cost of brake pad is minimized by this machine.

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