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Pad ProcessForming

Linear Automatic forming machine(Large)

Product Specifications
Capacity Max 220 Pcs/Hr
Press Capacity Pre-Forming 50 Ton /1 Cavity , Forming 200 Ton / 4 Cavity x 6 Press
Power Capacity Min 150(L)x50(W) ~ Max 210(L)x115(W)
Process Drying & weighing of friction material (2 type) → Pre-forming → Gantry (Pre-formed product input, releasing agent, BRUSH, formed product Discharging ) → forming (6P) → Thickness inspection → TRIMMING
Characteristic Friction materials Drying , equal pressure per cavity (Balance Cylinder), Full automatic

This machine implement the process of weighing&forming. 1st dried and weighed friction mateiral with B/plate are formed as the process of pre-forming. After the pre-forming, 2nd press forming is operated and the formed product is loaded automatically. The machine is consisted of 6 forming press as one cell. one worker is enough to operate 4cells(24 press), due to full automation.

Product Image