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DynamometerC/V Scale Dynamometer

C/V Scale Dynamometer

Product Specifications
Test Items Performance Part,Abrasion Part,Parking Part
Inertia 0.3 kgfms² or 0.6 kgfms²
Main Drive Capacity 11 kw
Stick Slip_Motor Capacity_ 0.1 kw
Torque unit(Loadcell) 0.1 ton
Max Brake Pressure 250 bar
Basic Dimension(m) 1,000(w) x 1,700(l) x 1,400(h)
Weight 2ton

This equipment is a test equipment for the Brake performance test and it is a 1/5 reduction model of the full size tester. It is a brake mechanism which can shorten the test time, and can test the input date and the output date.
It is a test equipment that is able to evaluate the inherent properties of friction materials, clearly reveal thermal changes of materials, and is effective in basic development quality control.

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